Sports and Yoga

Sports are Natural immunity boosters for human body and soul. Not only in education field our students shine but also in sports. our students have represented in state, National and International level in sports.  It goes with the words.‘ A Sound mind in a sound Body’  so also our institutions give importance to development of mind and body. Sports help our students  to learn things such as resilience, leadership qualities, accountability, respect and patience. Lessons that sports teaches our students to be good to all the  people whom they  come in contact.We believe strongly  in the words the pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. Sports do not build character they reveal it.


Without self discipline success is impossible. Our P.T. teachers believe in these above words so each student is trained and guided  to be completely self reliant in their task or work given to them.  Practice makes man perfect these are the watch word which makes our trainees and the trainer to work hard to get better result. With much training and spending the time, they bring into their life self discipline, co- ordination, interest in playing and producing the best music from the instrument which is given to each student. Our students contribute their  ability and ready to sacrifice their time  to bring out the best music from the Band set.  Band is the first thing when a student hear when they walk through the gate.

Kan. Med. Hr. Pry and Eng. Med. Hr. Pry. Volley ball team participated  in District level Volley Ball competation and achieved the shield, with the support of Eng. Med. Hr. Pry.  Headmistress Sr. Reeni and Kan. Med. Hr. Pry. Headmistress Sr. Sujaya, P.T. Teachers  Mrs. Prema and Mr. Ravindraswamy T.M.

Some of our students excelled in WRESTLING AND KARATE. They received individual championship in STATE, NATIONAL and even in  INTERNATIONAL LEVEL..

Ms. Priyanka S., Ms. Pavithra N.,   Ms. Avani M., Ms. Apoorva V.S. of our school students selected for STATE LEVEL KARATE, CHESS AND TABLE TENNIS.