One cannot think well, love well, sleep well , study well, if one has not eaten. So Food is the fuel for body and mind. We have Mid Day Meal for our students in the high school and Primary to make the students never go hungry but make their hunger to satisfy with balanced diet in turn make the students active, alive and study their lessons with interest. Seeing the hot food makes the student heart melt like butter so they enjoy every bite of it.

Every day more than 600 students in high school and more than 300 students in primary have their mid day meal.

A glass of milk a day keeps black thoughts away. Our students are ever ready with the big glass and broad smile on face to drink every drop of it. And they go to the classes satisfied, refreshed and enriched. This glass of milk make the students to be active, alive, boosting their energy throughout the day.
We are thankful to the Educational department for the scheme in providing mid day meal.