Educational Institutions create a unique place in the history of our country.  St. Paul’s Educational Institutions have created a niche for its own. The school has ignited the human spirit and the human mind of our students not what to think but how to think and live life fully to the service of humanity. Apart from knowledge of feet we emphasize on the values and weave a variety of educational experiences into the fabric of school life. Our school motto ‘Pray, Love and work’  has enhanced the holistic education to the students who have been entrusted to our care.

Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant, these words have been true in nature to motivate and  to bring out the innate talents from each students and shine out together. In other words  together we attain what we cannot alone. In order to show this togetherness and brilliance of this institutions we have started a website to mark the beginning of  Platinum Jubilee and  upload the history and achievements of the institutions from Pre- nursery to High school. Seventy Five Years  been filled with laurels, dreams, achievements, service and this temple of learning has become the ‘nest’ for many of our wards. With God’s grace let it continue with measureless love and brilliance.

May God be in our midst to guide us.


Sr. Bernie
St. Paul’s Convent Girls’ High School,