Life of St. Paul Our Patron

St. Paul is the patron saint of St. Paul’s Convent Institutions in Davangere. He was born at Tarsees in Cilicia and was educated at the feet of Gamaliel according to the strict manner of the mosaic law.

He could not bear the sight of Christians so he went to the synagogues at Damascus so that he could find the  way to bind men and women to Jerusalem to persecute them. As he was journeying to Damascus, suddenly a light from heaven flashed about him and he fell to the ground blind struck. For three days he was without sight. The prayer of a disciple at Damascus named Ananias healed him and he received sight.

At first he was known as ‘Saul’, because of his change of life be become ‘Paul’. He became the chosen vessel of God to carry the message of Jesus. A persecutor became a protector of faith.  One who was against Christ became a follower of Christ. He lived for Christ, preached for Christ, he under went torture, pain and isolation. For Him to live is Christ and die is gain. Christ became his life, in all his life, he endured everything patiently. Nothing could stop him in preaching the word of God and to spread his message to the whole world and at  last he became a martyr for Christ. According to Eusebuis the early church historian, Paul was executed by Nero in Rome C. 67 A.D.

Our Patron call each one of us to change our life for God. To become another chosen vessel to carry the message of Love and Peace to all.

  Like our Patron let us stand for truth in the midst of trials, difficulties and tribulation. To have fear of God because it is the beginning of all wisdom. His life should be most inspiring one and an enlightening force in our life. May life of God and light of God be with us to live a life according to His plan.

‘Hail St. Paul  hail !!!

Hail our Patron

Hail your name.’